marcela said
Marcela Said Cares was born in Santiago, Chile in March 1972.
In 1995 she graduated from the Catholic University of Santigo with a degree in Aesthetics. In 1998, she got a master in Media & Language at La Sorbonne.
In 1999, she directed Valparaiso, a 52 minutes, DVCAM documentary film produced by Les Films d’ Ici, broadcast in Paris première. The film achieved a good critical acclaim in the french press.
In 2001, she directed , I Love Pinochet, 52 minutos DVCAM, produced by Pathé doc and broadcast on several TV stations around the world.. The film won the first prize at Valparaiso Documentary Film Festival, the critic's award at FIDOCS and the Prix Altazor 2002. It was a Guest Film at FIPA , Festival international de Biarritz, Festival de films de femmes, NMWA Washington, Chicago,La Habana, etc.
In 2006 she co- directs the film Opus Dei , a silent crusade with Jean de Certeau, a 52minutes film, DVCAM, produced by Christine Le Goff, Emmanuelle Koenig and J. Trivino. The film was aired on France 5, Planete, TV5monde, TSR, RTBF, SBS, etc.
In Chile it has a theatrical release. It won the Pedro Sienna price to the best documentary film. It was invited to festivals like Toulouse, Rhodes, Guadalajara, Chicago, Fidocs, Viña del Mar, etc.
In 2007, she directs Divine Food, a short film co-produced with ITVS for the Globalmobile project. At the present, Marcela is preparing her first feature fiction film
El Verano de los peces voladores which has got the production found in Chili this year.
jean de certeau
Jean de Certeau was born in 1964 at Voiron , France.
In 1982 he starts working as an editor for TV programs in France like Ramdam / Aux arts etc../ L’oeil du cyclone / Metropolis.
In 1995 he became an independent chief editor working for well known directors. In 2006 he co-directs the award winning documentary film « Opus Dei une croisade silencieuse », with Marcela Said. Since 2007, he has been working in "El Mocito" his second film as a director editor.
2011 EL MOCITO, a feature documentary film, 70 minutes, HDcam.
Produced by Icalma films with the participation of the Chilean Production Found, Doc BsAs, SCAM and RTS.
2006 OPUS DEI, une croisade silencieuse, Valparaiso Productions
Planête, France5, TV5monde, RTS, RTBF, SBS, TVN, etc.
Price "Pedro Sienna", best documentary 2007, CNCA Chile
Rencontres de Cinémas d'Amérique Latine de Toulouse, Festival de Cine de Guadalajara, Festival de Rhodes, NMWA Washington, etc.